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About Us


Lynx is an Egyptian/Swedish family business based in Cairo established to export goods that are manufactured in Egypt to Scandinavia and European countries. Due to our wide relationship with suppliers in Egypt we are able to provide you with a diversified portfolio with high quality products. Most items can even be tailored to your needs in terms of design and size.

One of the main qualities of a Lynx is its sharp eye sight, it is crucial to have an eye for details and understand the foreign market in order to provide businesses with high quality goods that meet global standards, this is the role that Lynx with its wide experience will provide you.

OUR MISSION is to bridge the gap between the Egyptian and foreign markets with competitive prices and short lead times.

OUR GOAL is to  always continue growing by constantly adding to our portfolio and expanding into new markets.

OUR VISION is to become one of the top exporting companies in Egypt.

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